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At Duriez Agencement, furniture are tailor-made in a workshop located in the north of France. Fabrication teams are organized around the expertise of each worker, the deadline of the project and its complexity. The most experienced cabinetmakers are sharing artisanal techniques and industrial processes to the apprentices who will perpetuate the signature « Made by Duriez Agencement ». Under the form of solid wood, reconstituted wood panels, veneer sheets or laminated, the wood stays the principal raw material even if the company dispose of a real expertise in other materials such as synthetic resin. Finally, fabrication teams are collaborating with experts in glass, metallization or audiovisual and media systems.


Perfectionist to the smallest details, Duriez Agencement has its own engineering department. From sketches to executive plans, its engineers accompany clients to be able to meet the technical, sanitary and environmental requirements without hampering their creativity. In addition to ensuring plans and calculations, the engineering team ensures the adequacy between the different materials supported by a large panel of references concerning equipments, substances and colors. In direct link with the workshops, they deal with the preparation of prototypes and the furniture of samples for the most delicate realizations and the most unique effects.

machinery park

If the gestures of the hand allows to produce furniture with an impeccable quality, the machinery park brings a certain speed and flexibility to the production. With about 20 sophisticated machines, counting among them wood panels stocker, digital cutting machine or painting and varnishing robot, Duriez Agencement is one of the most well-equipped in France. Thus, its workshops benefit of a big capacity to produce and offer to its clients the possibility to have fresh and innovative productions: matte, lustrous or bright varnishes, linear, rounded or invisible perforations, custom, bent or curved panels…


Once finished, furniture are carefully packed to avoid any damages during the transportation. On construction sites, the installation teams install them in accordance with plans and ensure a neat finish. From a headquarter located in the heart of an European capital to a private residence on an island territory, they adapt themselves to the characteristics of the site with a lot of patience and flexibility.

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